At Launton Playgroup we have a policy which is modeled on the Early Years foundation stage (EYFS) for our age group of children. We believe strongly that smaller numbers of children per teacher ratio yields a vastly better learning environment, and the close attention afforded for each child. If your child has special needs, we will assign a special needs adviser that will concentrate specifically with your child. Our curriculum conforms to the DofE Foundation Stage for early years teaching. We pride ourselves on our one-on-one supervision for special needs children that are on our register. As the introductory level of learning, we concentrate on the first stages of learning for the children, preparing them in all aspects of language, phonetics and speech and basic arithmetic skills, and feel that when the children leave playgroup they are able to communicate with their piers.

We operate an open door policy, which allows the children to venture outdoors as much as possible. All the play outdoor equipment follow the Ofsted guide lines for young children's development from motor skills to learning to interact and share with other children, greatly improving their communicative skills.

Please refer to the link below to find out where to view our policies.