Latest Update on LPG Closure 

2nd November 2020

Following the details listed from the 22nd July, LPG has now decided that there is not enough financial support or commitment from the Education department at Oxfordshire County Council to re-locate the playgroup and therefore have decided that we will dissolve the charity on which the playgroup was established some 48 years ago.

It is with great regret and personal disappointment that we have been forced to close a very well established and financially sustainable playgroup over the last 48 years due, to a decision based on nothing more than the school imposing there will in an attempt to take over and establish their own nursery. Only time will tell if their decision will offer an equivalent level of service and indeed the same effective relationship we had established over the years with our parents and children.

In the time between July 21st and October 31st playgroup had continued to maintain our position regarding our investigations into re-locating the playgroup. 
To this end during the October period we had our last possible hope of a new build rejected by Mulberry Homes. We had a very good chance that this was a possible solution however due to difficulties with planning and the increasing financial restraints due to the covid-19 situation it was finally decided that it was not a feasible project and withdrew from any further negotiations. Earlier in August we had the possibility of the use of the Sports & Social Club hall as a pack away short term solution also negated due to their current commitments to other groups that hire the hall during the week days and as such could not offer a full 5 day week. All other possible ideas had come to nothing mainly due to the covid-19 situation and it must be said that if not for the virus we were very confident of finding a solution.

The committee met (via a zoom meeting) in October and decided that in view of the current possibilities ending with no positive outcome, it would not be pertinent to continue searching for a solution with no further possible offers and therefore start the process of dissolution of the charity. 
Two of the staff had been offered positions with the school and gave notice for the end of July. The remaining staff would continued to stay in our employ as long as the furlough scheme continued for the period to the end of October when a review of the situation would be made.
Following the decision to dissolve the charity, the remaining 3 staff as of the end of October were given their redundancy notices and the charity closure process has been placed in the hands of solicitors.

The final accounts are pending final last costings for solicitor fees for the dissolution and last throws of concluding our lease termination. 
Any assets which are remaining will be distributed as per the constitution of the playgroup, and be adjudicated by a nominated solicitor. 
Details of which will be posted on this website once all funds have been accounted for. Our aim is for the conclusion to be finalised by early 2021 however with the current Covid restrictions the legal system has been extremely slow in processing instructions.

Further details of the closure and how it has come about is available by contacting the Chairman; Richard Flanagan on +971 54 4525332, Treasurer; Nick Wasyliw 01869600573. who will remain as the sole points of contact up to the dissolution of assets and final accounts. The secretary and registrar trustees have now concluded their duties to the charity and have resigned their positions. Their listing on the charities website will be updated in conclusion of the dissolution process. 

With regard to the indoor play equipment we will be attempting to sell all or as much as possible. The remaining equipment will be offered to children in need or other groups that offer care for young children. All proceeds raised will go towards the final accounts balance. 
For all enquiries to purchase equipment please contact either myself of Anne, on 01869600573 or 07941347756. 
As the regards the outdoor fixed equipment assets, namely' Shed, Wendy House, weather Canopy, and grass flooring, these are currently in discussion with OCC and form part of the final compensation settlement of the lease and as such are being dealt with by our solicitors. 

It has been a great pleasure for the last 10 years of this committees tenure in serving the needs of the parents and their children. And indeed for the past 48 years that the playgroup has been in existence. 
I hope that we have given many pleasurable memories, as we have had, and prepared the children with a good grounding for their journey in education. 
All the committee and ex-staff wish you well for the future and are extremely disappointed that we could not have our last days together with the children and parents for a final thank you party.  

Again we wish you all the best for the future....

LPG, Committee

22nd July 2020

It is with a heavy heart that finally LPG has left their current building on 21st July. 

Many parents and parish community of Launton have asked for an explanation of how and why these events have occurred.
There is no discernible reason offered by the school and it's board of governors other than to say that require the extra space. The school and governors had exorcised a break clause in the lease to effectively evict the playgroup with a notice period of 6 months. There was no prior discussion or formal meeting with the school regarding their intentions to acquire the building or to execute the brake clause that would evict the playgroup with a 6 month notice. 

The abrupt notice was served in January after the school had already advertised that they will be opening a new nursery in a purpose built facility. The nature of the notice is intended to cause maximum disruption within LPG with the intention that LPG would have little chance to re-locate. The school has for the last 5 years attempted to take 3 year old children in parallel to LPG in an attempt to reduce the validity of or playgroup. This had failed since their 3 year old register has been very small in comparison to LPG  who regularly have a full register. It is obvious that given the timing of the eviction the school is attempting to increase their intake of 3 year old's in the hope that the closure will leave parents no option but to register with school.
To this end parents have asked some clarification on exactly what is on offer from the school since mixed messages have been circulated. 
Parents who have contacted the head teacher Jane Patterson have been told that current 2 and 3 year old's on the LPG register will be given places in the new nursery. However the advertising for new places by the school only invite children from 3 years. 
LPG took the steps to approach OCC Early Years for clarification and were informed that there are no current or future plans for 2 year old's. The provision will be run under school regulations which will have an impact on ratio numbers. The current school early years provision operate up to 30-1 staff and share an open area for all age groups from 3 - 6 years supported by 1 qualified teacher and assistants which do not need to be qualified. 

This is vastly different, compared to LPG which have always operate strictly to Ofsted regulations for Early Years that have ratio numbers of 8-1 staff for 3 years, and 4-1 staff for 2 years and ALL staff are qualified in Early Years.

The new school provision will leave the community without a dedicated nursery that LPG have built over the last 47years to a friendly,warm and educational environment to give the best possible preparation for the children to enter the school environment.
To this end the committee of LPG feel that the parish and surrounding area of Launton will benefit from a dedicated nursery for the future needs of the community. The committee is actively looking to re-locate within the confines of the village in the earliest possible time frame. In order to do this we will need as much help as possible from the community. In principal we will to need to find a parcel of land suitable for a playgroup, approx 180 Sq'M, a building to be funded or donated by a benefactor or raised funds.
LPG have retained all our equipment and a have a contingency of funds available to aid the relocation and pay to retain key staff members.

We will need help in locating a site and funding the building which can be as most are these days, purpose built porta-cabins for Playgroups that are not overly expensive. Anyone who wish to help or know any persons/companies who could help us achieve our plans for re-location please contact one of our trustees:

Richard Flanagan, LPG Chair: email;, 07771 762853, +971 54 4525332
Nick Wasyliw, LPG Treasurer: email;, 01869 600573, & 07941 992237
Anne Wasyliw, Manager:, 07941 347756

Finally we wish all our parents a happy and successful placement of their children and if you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact any of the above committee.

Committee LPG
Chair: R.Flanagan, N.Wasyliw

October 2019

We have been busy this term learning about ourselves and our bodies. We have been counting fingers, toes and teeth! Our grown ups brought in our baby photos, we all had fun trying to guess who each baby was. We also tasting and exploring healthy foods, we all liked different fruit and have different tastes! We even painted pictures with the fruit.

We have also been celebrating the arrival of Autumn and have been looking at the colours of the leaves changing. We have been singing plenty of Autumn related songs, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow is a favourite! We have also been making some beautiful Autumn artwork.

All the new children have settled in well and are enjoying exploring all that playgroup has to offer.

Our term finishes on Friday 25th October, Anne, Terrie, Lucy and Shelley need a well-deserved rest! Playgroup reopens on Monday 4th November.

July 2019.......
Vacancies: we currently have one vacancy for a key worker role, click here for more details.