November 2016                         

This term Launton Playgroup have been looking at Autumn and relating it to how our local environment has changed with the season. We have been blackberry picking in the hedgerows and watched as the giant oak trees around the school have changed colour and lost their leaves. We have made a huge display of our Autumn findings and have enjoyed adding to this weekly throughout the term. We have even made bread hedgehogs!

 Falling leaves have been a great fun natural resource to use whilst we are in the playgroup garden. Sweeping them into piles and throwing them into the air inspired us to make up our own autumn song;

 ‘Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down. Autumn leaves are falling down, yellow, red and brown.’

 (sung to the tune of London bridge is falling down)

This term has seen many other changes with our school leavers being replaced by new faces. It has been wonderful to get to know each other and the new families that have joined us.

Thank you to the friends and families of Launton playgroup who contributed to the recent ‘Bags for School’ collection. Twice a year they collect their old clothes into bags which ‘Bags for School’ then collect and weigh. The more the clothes weigh, the more money we raise. We look forward to seeing what the total is this time around.

Lastly we would like to say a huge congratulations to our co-worker and deputy supervisor Shelley Forsyth and her husband Graham on the birth of their baby William. We have had the pleasure of his first visit to playgroup.